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    Company profile

        Chongqing yagong machinery co. LTD founded in 2009, is one of leading facotries in making air nailer and staplers in China Mainland.It produces more than two hunderd fifty thousand air nailers each year,Our factory focus on making professional air nailers,It employs 50 workers and 12 senior engineers technical team with more than fifteen years experiences in this field, with CNC, professional and universal production equipment to make the air nailers. We guarantee each air nailer from Chongqing Yugo Machinery Manufactoring with excellent quality.


       In 2017,we have purhased all the air nailer modules,  tools, jigs, and fixtures required to produce the air nailers , machinery, CNC, and all the intellectual property rights(not including gas nailer) from Chongqing Shuangwei Machinery Company.Ltd, This strategical  action make the Yugo company grow fast and exported the air nailer to USA,CANADA, Europen, Australia, Middle East Market. The company produces the following product lines: Air Brad Nailer, Air stapler, 3GF special fur and leather stapler ,flooring nailer, Headless Pinner, Coil Roofing nailer, Picture Frame Nailer,with more than twenty items.


        It's the company's goal to build and strengthen cooperative relationships with all friends in the marketplace for mutual business success. For more information, please email us at sale@cqvv.com.We welcome scheduled visits to our factory.